Entaben’ ekude kwem’ isiphambano
[In a farawar mountain there stands a cross] 
Esinobuhlungu nehlazo
[Filled with hurt and humiliation]
Ngisithanda sona ngob’ uJesu wami lo
[I like it coz Jesus of mine]
Wabethelwa kuso ngenxa yam
[Was crucified there because of me]
[That’s why]
Ingakho ngisibabaza sona sodwa
[That’s why I talk about it]
Kuze ngiwubeke phants’ umthwalo wezono
[So that I can lay off the burden of sins]
Ngizoku bambelela kusona isiphambano
[I will hold on to the cross]
Ngize ngiwuz’ umqhele wami.
[So I may be rewarded]
Umangisibona uJesu elenga kuso
[When I saw Jesus hanging on to it]
Kumina akuvumi ngithule
[I couldn’t keep quiet]
Ingakho mgisibabaza sona sodwa
Kuze ngiwubeke phants’ umthwalo wezono,
Ngizoku bambelela kusona isiphambano
Ngize ngiwuz’ umqhele wami.

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