End Of The Day by Echoing Green FULL LYRICS

Artist: Echoing Green

Song Title: End Of The Day



Is there something lost, is there something found
When you stand your ground?
Foolish sense of pride that you won’t cast down
When the tension comes around
Is the empty dark now your source of light?
Is your conviction losing sight?
In a house so grey is where you choose to stay
And now you’re…

Waiting for the end of the day
Waiting for the end of the shame
Waiting for the end of the blame
Waiting for the end of the pain
Waiting for the end of the day

When you look so young, but you feel so old
And your heart is growing cold
Take a piece of hope and let your heart take hold
And watch his peace unfold
Your sense of guilt and fear
Your fear of guilt and loss
Was all it ever cost
With no more role that you will play
You can step out of the way
That left you…

Waiting for the end of the day…

“…Look to the future”

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