Chukwu Ebuka – Frank Edwards Main Lyrics

Song Title : Chukwu Ebuka
Author : Frank Edwards

The Lyrics 

Chukwu Ebuka (God is big)

Chukwu Ebuka (God is big) Oh oh oh oh
Ma’m kowa nmeso oma gi (if I talk about your goodness)
Chi ga eji, Chi ga abo (Night will come, and Day will break, but I won’t finish saying it)
You’ve been so good to me
Ma’m kowa ihe oma I n’eme  (If I talk about all the good things you do)
Chi ga eji,Chi ga abo (Night will come, and Day will break, but I won’t finish saying it)
Faithful God,
Asi n’aru mu buru so onu (if all my body where mouth)
Ozughi inye gi ekele (it is not enough to praise you)
My Lord and my Friend,
Chi di nma (Good is God)
Chi di nma (Good is God)
Nara ekele (take all the praise)

Jehovah emeworom ihe o Jiri buru Chi m O (The  Lord has been good to me)
Jehovah emewo (The Lord has done…)
iye! Iyeee!
Jehovah emeworom ihe O Jiri buru Chi m oh (The  Lord has been good to me)
Jehovah emewo mma (The Lord has done me well…)

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I woke up one early Morning

I said a prayer, and I read my Bible,
As I was on my way to work,
I saw a crowd,
And they were shouting,
They were looking at a dead man,
Didn’t know what to do,
Then I walked close to the dead man
And raised my hands in prayer
As I lift my voice to God,
He’s alive today, eh!



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