Chukua (Receive) by Alice Kimanzi Full Lyrics

Song Title: Chukua

Language: Swahili

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The Full Lyrics

Wewe ni Mungu Mkuu, mwenye kutenda mema
(You are a Great God, who does good)
Mito yako ni mema, umejawa na wema
(Your paths are good, you are full of good)
Fadhili nazo na wema, nami sasa nasema ahsante
(Your goodness and mercies, I say thank you)

Nyota ya asubuhi (Yesu) (The Morning Star, Jesus)
Mfalme wa amani (Yesu) (The Prince of Peace, Jesus)
Jiwe la pembeni (Yesu) (The corner Stone, Jesus)
Mwanzo tena mwisho(Yesu) (The Beginning and the End, Jesus)

Sifa zote Baba, Chukua Baba zote chukua
(All the Praise, Receive all Father, receive)
Na utukufu, Chukua wastahili chukua
(Receive all the Glory, you deserve it)
Mamlaka yote, Chukua Baba zote chukua
(Receive all the Authority, receive)
Nayo heshima, Chukua wastahili chukua
(And You deserve all the respect, receive)

(Verse 1)

Mfalme wa wafalme, Yesu (King of Kings, Jesus)
Kuhani Mkuu, Yesu (The High Priest, Jesus)
Mkombozi wetu, Yesu (Our savior, Jesus)
Mwanzo tena mwisho, Yesu (The Beginning and the End, Jesus)


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Twakuinaimia eh Yahweh (We bow before You Yahweh)
Twakuchezea Masiya (We dance to You Messiah)

Kama wewe wampenda Yesu, cheza (If you love Jesus, dance)
Inua mikono umsifu, sifu (Lift your hands and praise him, praise)

Kulia kushoto, tucheza (We dance from left to right)
Kule mbele na nyuma, tunasifu (We praise from the front to the back)

Mwenye baraka (Amen)(The Blessed One)
Mwenye uzima (Amen) (The Everlasting One)
Mwenye faraja(Amen)(The Comforting One)
Mwenya mamlaka(Amen) (The One with the Authority)

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