Bhekani kuy’ uYehova
[Look up on Jehovah]
UMdala wezinsuku
[The ancient of days]
Funani ubuso bakhe
[Seek for His face]
Nimkhonze naye
[And worship thee]
Ulungile unothando
[He is kind and loving]
Nenceb’ engapheliyo
[With everlasting mercy
Uthanda thina sonke
[He loves us all]

[In hard times]
Uhlal’ engumncedi wami
[He’s an everpresent help]
Uhamba nami
[He walks with me]
Uhlal’ eseduze kwami
[Always right by my side]
Noba kumnyama
[Even if it’s dark]
Yen’ ukukhanya kwami
[He is my light]
Uyabonelela uYehova
[Jehovah is generous]
ubaba wam
[My father]

Udeka itafula
[He prepares the table]
Phambi kwezitha zami
[In the presence of my enemies]
Ngidle, ngidle
[So I feast and feast]
O baba ngiyabonga
[O father I’m so grateful]

Bong’ uYehova mphefumlo wam
[Bless the Lord oh my soul]
Undenzela konk’ okuhle
[He’s done great things for me]

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