Bawo, Thixo Somandla (Father, God Almighty) Lyrics By Cape Town Youth Choir

(Sung in Xhosa)
Bawo, Thixo Somandla, (Father, God Almighty)
Buyinton’ ubugwenxa bam? (What are our sins)
Azi senzen’ ebusweni beNkosi, (What have we wronged you, Lord)
Bawo, Thixo Somandla? (Father, God Almighty)

Azi senzeni na? (What have we done?) x2
Azi senzeni Nkosi yam, (What have we done, My Lord?)
Sigqibana nje! (That we kill each other thus!)

Emhlaben’ (This world)
Sibuthwel’ ubunzima (Is full of troubles) x2
Bawo, Thixo Somandla. (Father, God Almighty)
Mayedlule lendebe (May this cup pass from us), x2
Azi senzeni Nkosi yam (What have we dome My Lord),
Sigqibana nje (That We kill each other thus)!
Ndnesingqala (I have a continuous cry)
Enhliziyweni yam (Inside my heart)
Ndisolokho ndisitsho “Mngci! (I keep saying “Truly)
Ayidlule lendebe, (May this cup pass from us)
Bawo, Thixo Somandla”. (Father, God Almighty”)

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