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Nana Nyame te n’ahengua so
AbƆde nyinara wƆn nkuto no
Mo nde ahurose
Mo nde asa, ei
Mo nfa nwom foforo mmra n’anim
Nana Nyame a wo tumi so, ei
W’atanfo nyinara wƆ ho popu
Ɔsran ne nsoroma a εwƆ wiemo
Nipa nyina ‘wƆ asase so
Mo nkafo no

Atease fo anan
Mpanyinfo aduonu nan
WƆ kuto wo
AnƆpa, awia, anadwo
MommƆ ose
Mo nto halleluya
Ateasefo nkutoo
Na mo mbε yi w’ayε
Uh-hu, Uh-uh, Wuh-uh
Nana brεbrε ma wo homere so e
Wo ma wo nsa so asaase so
Ɔkasaprεko Ɔkasaa obiara nyε din
Huan kora, huan kora n’obεtumi
Agyina w’anim
Chorus (2x)
Uh-hu, Uh-uh, Wuh-uh
Chorus (1x)
Ye hyira wo
AnƆpa, Awia, Anwomere, Anadwo
Ye hyira wo, Awia, Anadwo
Ateasefo nkutoo
Na mo mbε yi w’ayε
Mi njie oyi
Mi njie (4x)
Kafu Mawu
Kafui (4x)
Lift him higher
Lift him (4x)
Chorus 1x

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