A Path In The Sea by T.D. Jakes Complete Lyrics

Song Tittle: A Path In The Sea

Artist: Bishop T.D Jakes


A Path In The Sea
(written by Bishop T.D. Jakes, Cedric Caldwell, and Victor Caldwell)
(recorded by Bishop T.D. Jakes & The Potter’s House Mass Choir)

The Full Lyrics

Walk on water, stand up boldly.
don’t let your fear have it’s way.
He already knew how He’d see you through,
God will reveal a path in the sea.

Verse 1
He told me to walk on the water,
my storm, they come and they pass.
He’s my guard, my guiding light,
assurance won’t last.


Verse 2
He guides my feet to the path,
a place prepared in the sea.
Why should I stay in the boat with my friends
when I hear the Lord, He’s calling to me.

God has a secret path in the sea,
stand up and see the victory.
Stand up to it, stand up to it,
stand up to it, stand up to it;
God has a secret path in the…

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Vamp 1
Walk on it,
grow from it,
go through it,
path in the…

Vamp 2
Yes, yes, yes,
path in the…

God has a secret path in the sea.
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