Lyrics: Chioma me eh*** by Salvation Ministries Choir

Song Title: Chioma me eh*** Author: Salvation Ministries Choir

The Lyrics

You are my H… E… R… O…
You are my K… I… N… G…
You are my presence help A… L… W… A… Y… S…
In You, I’ve got a friend
A friend indeed
Your Love is so Great
Can’t express it all (2ce)
Chioma me eh… (2ce)
Odigi Onye dika gi
Chioma me eh
Chi Ngi eme onu
Your are the Great I Am
The Great friend of All (2ce)
Idi Ebube ey… ey… ey… ey…
My Lord and friend
Crown in Majesty
We lift our voice and declare your grace
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Chioma me eh***

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