God of the breakthrough by Lara George Lyrics

Verse 1
If I had ten thousand tongues
Could I praise you Lord enough?
If I wrote a million songs
Could they express my heartfelt thanks?
If I sing all round the clock
Telling of your wondrous works
Could it even begin to tell?
Of the beauty of my God
God of the breakthrough
God my hope
You are the one
Who declares and your word comes to pass
You are faithful Jehovah
The el-shaddai
Unto you
I sing this song of praise (Oh yeah….)
Unto you
I sing this song of praise
Verse 2
Yes I will sing
That all men may know
That there’s one whose love is sure
He’s the mender of broken hearts
He’s the way, when there’s no way out
Lord at midnight, I will rise to give you thanks
Oh yeah….
There’s no denying
You’ve been good to meeee
And as I sing, daddy let my praises rise
As a sweet smelling savour unto youuuu
Let it be a sweet smelling savour unto you
(Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah…)
Repeat chorus

Oyigiyigi o
Oyigiyigi o (Times 3)
Atobajaye, Olulana ooooo
Oyigiyigi oooo
God of the breakthrough…… (Times 2)
Lord I worship you
Olulana o
Lord, you’re the one who makes a way
where there seems to be no way
Oyigiyigi o!

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